28 For A Two- To Three-hour Period, With A Fallback Date Of Feb.

Jan 21, 2017  

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17, 2017 12:01 am VERNON -- The Land Use Board, which will reconvene Feb. 8 to continue hearing an application for a 111-foot cell tower on Route 565, will conduct a "balloon test" on a Saturday in the near future to provide the public an actual view of the monopole's intended height. The test is tentatively planned for the morning of Jan. 28 for a two- to three-hour period, with a fallback date of Feb. 4 if conditions are not ideal -- meaning if wind speed or precipitation is significant enough to interfere with the test. Township officials will confirm details of the test in the next week or so. The Land Use Board, meanwhile, is expected to incorporate observations from that test into its continued hearings on the application by Verizon Wireless to construct a cell tower on property at 1636-1638 Route 565 near the intersection of Glenwood Road (Route 565) and Sleepy Hollow Road. Glenn Pierson, an electrical engineer and radio frequency expert testifying on behalf of the applicant last week, told the Land Use Board that the tower -- which is in addition to a recently approved one in Hampton and two others planned in Lafayette and Hamburg -- is intended to fill gaps in service coverage resulting from the uneven terrain of northern Sussex County. In Vernon, he said, those gaps include a 11/4 -mile stretch along Route 565 and two 3/4 -mile stretches along Sleepy Hollow and Decker Pond roads -- all areas located within the western portion of the township.

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